Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Manawatu Caravan Club, Foxton Beach, 1–4 June 2018

June (Queens Birthday Weekend) is the time we have our AGM and this was held in the very well appointed hall that is part of the Manawatu Caravan Club Camp (MCC) complex. They also let us use it at no extra charge, for which we thank them for their generosity.

As it was our AGM rally we had 11 vans on site for the weekend which is a very good turnout. May be that is because all the positions on the committee were settled well before the meeting and there was no fear of being coerced onto the committee.

Early Arrivals

4 vans arrived on Thursday just because they could and made a very long weekend of it. The rest arrive over the course of the Friday with one arriving on Saturday morning.

The weather over the weekend was a mixture of cloudy, rain but little wind. The one constant was that the bite of winter made itself present so there was no sitting outside in the sun.

Friday night we had the customary evening meal at the Foxton Beach Bowling Club, which is simple fare but excellent value for money and is always a good well cooked meal. Not to be missed.

Ordering Friday Nights Meal
Not Bad Eh!

Saturday immediately after Morning Tea we held the AGM and the following officers were elected:
President: Selwyn Fisk
Vice President:  Barry Richmond
Secretary:  Cath Fisk
Treasurer:  Val Solomon
Webmaster: Robin Benton
Committee: Dennis Wyle, Dianne Richmond.

AGM in Session and very serious

Saturday night we joined with MCC for a pot luck meal which was a good way of meeting some of the MCC members we had not met previously.

Sunday dawned wet so a walk on the beach was not on, and we all did our own entertaining by inter-vanning and visiting local cafes etc. That night the Heretaunga Club conduced a Housie evening for the whole camp and there was a good turnout from both clubs for this. It was noticed that mathematical skills were severely tested when trying to decide what value to put on line and house prizes (outside help was requested I believe).

Trying to Determine a Winner in the Housie

Come Monday morning with the weather still inclement all decided to head for home apart from two hardy souls who stayed on for another night.

A good rally and a non eventful AGM.

See you at the next rally. REMEMBER CHANGE OF VENUE:

6-8 July, LEVIN HOLIDAY PARK, Parker Ave, Levin

Friday, 25 May 2018

Carterton Holiday Park, 18–20 May 2018

Well this was a very good turn out for a winter rally with 11 vans in attendance, 10 members and one prospective new member. Being in a camp ground and spread all over the place it was hard to get a photo with every van in.



The Weather tried to play ball for the weekend with rain only on Friday night and early Saturday morning. Although it was not shorts and tee shirt weather it was still pleasant.

The Rally Family had arranged a musical quiz for Friday night. This was with a difference. A well known tune was played and we had to guess which show the music was from. This was a lot harder than thought as some of the shows were older than us (seemed that way).

For Saturday a trip to Pointon Museum was arranged and a number went through to see the cars and clothing that is on display.

Saturday night the rally family left no expense spared to put on a grand display of pageantry, theatre, love and romance. Of course the royal wedding was on TV and going by some of the bleary eyes about the place on Sunday morning some watched through to the early hours.

P1190639 Someone had Airs of Grandeur

Prior to the big event on TV we had another wee brain teaser. Sheets of pictures of common products were given to us with certain words or phrases missing we had to fill the gaps. This also was not as easy as it looked.

We had a new van into the club this rally with the Archers turning up with their new Leisure Line Platinum High Rider caravan. It was given a good going over by all,  well he did say it was open house.


The New Van

Welcome to Barry & Kathy hope you enjoyed yourselves at the rally and that we see you again shortly.

All in all a very good rally.

See you at the AGM Rally 1 – 4 June 2018 at the Manawatu Caravan Club grounds, Foxton Beach.


Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Tyre Pressure Calculation

I came across this calculation recently and thought it might be good to share with the club. For caravan s particularly it is problematic as to what tyre pressure to use. So here goes.

1 You have to know max tyre pressure and load rating for your tyres. This can be easily obtained by reading the side wall of your tyres. e.g.
For load rating some tyres have this tyre code written on them :
185 R14C 102/100 Q

Where 185 is tread width, R is radial tyre, 14  is diameter in inches, C denotes Commercial, 102/100 is Load index number and Q is speed rating.

We are interested in the load value, which in this case is 102/100.  This is only an index number and you will have to refer to the table below to determine the maximum load your tyres can carry. But which one is it ? This is quite simple. The 102 refers to a load rating if used on a single axle. The 100 is the load rating if used on a twin axle ‘van. The following table shows the load rating

Image result for load index charts

The Max pressure for this size on my van is 65psi. Once again this is on the side wall of the tyre.

2. The max on road weight of the van. For Example my van weighs 2740kg unhitched. The drawbar weight, which is generally 10% is 280kg.
Subtract 280 from 2740 = 2460kg (This is the rolling weight of my van)
As my van is a tandem axle (4 Wheels) divide 2460 by 4 = 615kg per tyre.

3. Pressure Calculation:

Divide the maximum tyre pressure by the load rating of your tyre and then multiply this answer by the actual load each tyre is carrying. This answer is the optimal pressure for that tyre.

Tandem Axle:

65 / 800 = 0.08125 (Max Pressure for tyre divided by load rating)
0.08125 x (2460/4) = 49.96PSI (inflation factor times quarter the weight of the caravan)
So the correct tyre pressure is 50PSI

Single Axle:

Assume that the van weight is 1500kg
65 / 850 = 0.07647 (Max Pressure for tyre divided by load rating)
0.07647 x (1500 / 2) = 57.35 PSI (inflation factor times half the weight of the caravan)
So the correct tyre pressure is 58 PSI

4. Motorhomes:

I read somewhere that the tyre pressures shown on the vehicle are the recommended pressures by the manufacturer for the maximum axle loading of that vehicle. If your vehicle gets a COF you will know the axle loadings from your COF. You can then use the above calculation to determine a more load dependant pressure.
If your motorhome is on a WOF you will have to weigh your van to find out your axle loadings to be able to use this formula.


This information I have cleaned from the following websites and if you wish further information please look at these sites.
The Trudgians - tyre pressure calculator
Caravan Chronicles  (a good blog to look at, this is where I got most of my information. Please have look.)
Tyre Pressure Calculator
Motorhome Tyre Pressures Use the “Check Tyre Pressures” tab to select your vehicle type.

E&OE This is a guide only with cold tyres.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Oroua Downs School, 13–15 April 2018

This rally was a combined rally with Wairarapa CC, Wellington CC, and Wainuiomata CC. There were 19 vans on site by dinner time on Friday night. 4 from Wairarapa, 3 from Wellington, 1 from Wainuiomata and 11 from Heretaunga.


Looking Down the Grounds towards the Hall

As it was a school day we could not get access until all the children had departed for home. The last thing that is needed when there are family cars and buses taking the children home is a lot of caravanners cluttering up the roadway and access. It was about 3.30pm before we could start to settle in to camp. Friday evening was general mingling after a brain teaser of questions by the Rally family.

Saturday dawned a nice day and the notice board indicated a free morning after the obligatory morning tea. However after lunch was a different matter. we had a visit to Viv’s Kitchen organised for afternoon tea to sample her famous (in Sanson) cream horns.

 Image result for viv's kitchen sanson

Here is a photo from our 2016 visit – Just the same


Warning – If you don't like Cream you wont like these. Yum


The gang enjoying there cream treats.

It was good to hear from Derek Keatley our representative to the CCNZ Council regarding activities to date and the proposed venue for the next National Rally, which is looking like New Plymouth. We were asked about the need to have showers provided at a National Rally. The consensus was that they were not needed as most now have onboard showers but grey water disposal and fresh water would be necessary. Grey water pick up from portable tanks or by the provision of a temporary dumpstation (as not all have tote tanks) for grey water would be needed.

Saturday night Robin showed pictures of places they stayed while touring the South Island followed by Jim showing us photos of their trip through the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Very interesting to see the utter devastation left after everyone was evacuated. We think they were very brave to even undertake such a journey, non the less very sobering and enlightening.

Most stayed for lunch on Sunday with all having departed by 2.00pm.

A very good rally and thanks to the club members from Wellington, Wairarapa, and Wainuiomata and of course Heretaunga for joining in.


Monday, 12 March 2018

Pohangina School Reserve, 9–11 March 2018

12 vans were in attendance by Friday night. Of the vans it was a 50-50 split between motorhomes and caravans. An interesting first for the Heretaunga Caravan Club. It was really satisfying to see such as good turnout. Well done to all.

welcome to two new prospective members, the McIntosh’s and Taylors. You joined in fully all weekend and were great company. We hope you enjoyed our company just as much and will join us in many more rallies.

Some were late arriving as the last active foundation member, Peter McCawe was fare welled. His funeral was at 2.00pm on Friday 9 March 2018. Peter and Elaine are our longest serving members and in the 44 years since the inception of the club have managed to accumulate 465 rallies. Peter will be missed RIP.

The  Pohangina School Reserve is a magic place to have a rally. The grounds are nicely mown and the old school classroom is available for hire and was used extensively in the evenings.

P1180044 The Vans parked along the old playing field

The Wylie’s were the Rally Family for this rally and they always be relied on to have a full programme and this weekend was no exception. Friday night we have a real brain teaser of a quiz. Unfortunately due to the late arrival of the funeral contingent only small number took part.

Saturday was given over to games outside and I can imagine the high jinx that evolved during the playing of these games. Saturday night was back inside playing card bingo.

One of the new members showed a new form of jump starter which included a air compressor. Dave was keen to see if it would charge his bait gun.


Discussing the merits of the compressor charging the bait gun.


The Winners are Grinners

Lorraine showed us her new caravan at this rally and I am sure that she will have many happy ventures in this new acquisition.


Lorraine’s new van, with Snowflake on guard.


Last one out close the gate.

A great rally thanks to all those who took part and we will see you at the next rally:

Oroura Downs School, Combined Rally, 13 – 15 April 2018

Friday, 9 March 2018

Peter R McCawe

This week it was with sadness that we said farewell to the last active foundation member of the Heretaunga Caravan Club.

Peter and his family were instigators along with others to the establishment of this Club. They have been active members for the 44 years that it has been functioning .Peter and Elaine attended 464 rallies in those 44 years and I sure that they would still be Rallying if they could.


Peter McCawe

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Brookfield Scout Park, Wainuiomata, 19-22 January 2018 CRC Regional Rally

17 x  RV's arrived from many parts of the North Island. Gisborne, Wairoa, Hawkes Bay, Tauranga, Wairarapa, Heretaunga and Wainuiomata.

We arrived Friday19, 2,00 pm and set up camp.

Cath & Selwyn enjoying the camp.
The official opening was held at 7.00pm in the hall.
Cath was the official Banner bearer for the opening.

Saturday was free for shopping or exploring the 200 acres of bush. There are many walking tracks to be taken. We had a competition to complete by Sunday night, which required finding answers to 25 questions. This required going to various places in the grounds and finding the answers. Mostly on information boards. They were spread from one end of the camp to the other, which meant we covered many k's. Great exercise.

Saturday evening we had a combined pot luck dessert followed by a card game which saw a new Wairarapa member win and he was crowned "King"

Looking down from where our flag was flying to where we were parked.

After morning tea the CRC 2 yearly meeting was held. The following officers were elected.

New chairman -  Dave McMaster, Wairarapa.  The reason Dave was chosen, is that Wairarapa is hosting the next regional rally.

Secretary/Treasurer - Lynne Keatley.

Derek Keatley to remain the regional rep.

Discussion was had on keeping the money in the CRC bank account. The decision was made that it will stay as is. Discussion was also held as to whether CRC would continue.  The decision was unanimous to continue as it is.

Sunday tea was a combined BBQ cooked by Wainuiomata and eaten by the rest of us. Very nice too.

Later that same evening, we gathered around a 'Camp Fire', sang songs, played games and roasted marshmallows on the camp fire.

Selwyn carried out the banner at the end.

Monday morning we gathered for morning tea and then it was time for the official closing of the rally.  A good time was had by all and we were sorry to be heading home after such an enjoyable event.  The venue was superb.  Ideal for such gatherings.