Sunday, 18 June 2017

Manawatu Caravan Club 2-5 June 2017

We had 7 vans in attendance for this rally which was also our AGM. In addition to the families rallying our founding Life Members Peter & Elaine and members Don & Pamela were with us this weekend.



An Indication of nicely groomed grounds

The Manawatu Caravan Club have lovely laid out grounds which are maintained to a high standard.  They always make us feel welcome and offer us the use of their hall for our AGM and evening entertainment. If they have something on themselves we are invited to attend these as well.  They have a great philosophy which can be summed up by the following plaque in the hall.


The AGM went off with out a hitch and the following members were elected:

President: Selwyn Fisk

Vice President: Derek Canvin

Sercretary: Cath Fisk

Treasurer: Val Solomon

Web Master: Robin Benton

Committee: Dianne Richmond, Barry Richmond

The usual events took place with the early arrivals have fish & chips from Mr Grumpys chippy and on Friday night a meal at the local bowling club, which are always well patronized.  Jenny conducted a quizz on the Saturday night on Royalty which brought howls of derision from the non-royals amongst us. If nothing else it brought a lot of laughs and whiled away a good hour.

Sunday was to be a film night but due to an unfortunate event in the early hours of the morning, this was not to be so we amused ourselves, which we find very easy to achieve.

Lorraine had a very special birthday (congratulations Loraine) at around the time of the rally and she was congratulated by the President with a card.


Lorraine receiving her card

See you at the next rally which is at the Himatangi Holiday Park on 7-9 July 2017.

Please note that there is a change to the current Rally Schedule. The September Rally is now at the Wanganui Top 10 Holiday Park. See latest edition of the rally schedule sent out recently.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Carterton Holiday Park–12-14 May 2017

We had 8 vans in attendance at this rally. This venue would have to be one of the favorites for our club. It is always clean and tidy and the new managers have it looking a treat, even though the weather at the moment is conspiring against them.


Looking Good

The rally family for this weekend was Dianne and Barry and they started the weekend off with a quiz on Friday night. The quiz consisted of identifying phrases from well known TV adverts. It was really easy to tell who watched the TV a lot and who did not. Oh well someone has to.


Another view of this lovely camp

Also on Friday night Geoff and Eileen celebrated their Wedding Anniversary and provided the evening supper.


The Happy couple

Saturday night was taken up with watching the Hurricanes take on the Crusaders, unfortunately the Hurricane lost. No photos enough said.

Sunday was Mothers Day and to celebrate the guys had to provide morning tea (drinks) for their ladies. The morning tea was held in the kitchen area and when we arrived there was a magnificent spread laid out by Dianne and Barry. Absolutely excellent.


Robin bringing his drinks


All enjoying the Great Spread.

A good rally enjoyed by all, the weather sort of played ball, but as always happens cleared up for going home on the Sunday. Thanks Dianne and Barry.


Saturday, 25 March 2017

Mt Lees Reserve, Sanson–17-19 March 2017

We had six vans in attendance at this rally. this was a new site for most and from the comments heard one to add to the list.


This is the site looking towards the B&B – 1 van missing

The idea for this rally was to be able to attend the Central Districts Field Days at Manfield Motor Racecourse. The Field Days were held on the Thursday through to Saturday. It was good that some where able to go on the Friday and others on the Saturday. The Saturday would have been the better day as it was not so hot. On the Friday the sun beat down that after about 2 hours Selwyn and Robin had had enough and retreated to the car, if only they could find it, they did eventually.


A view of the B&B

Those remaining in camp on the Saturday afternoon decided to take the bush walk in this reserve. This was an easy stroll until someone who will remain nameless decided we should take the long way home.


The beginning of the bush walk.


At the Look Out and all looking somewhere different.


Gleynis giving a perspective to the height of the bamboo we walked through.

For afternoon tea Lorraine produced a lovely batch of fresh baked pikelets with jam and cream, yummy.


The evening entertainment etc was held in the Summer House which was also a good venue for  BBQ teas.


The Boys cooking up a storm!

This was a good venue one that I am sure will be used again. Hope to see you all at the next rally which is the CCNZ National Rally held at the Manawatu College, Foxton over the Easter Weekend. Hope you can attend.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Pohangina School Reserve, Pohangina, 24–26 February 2017

This was Heretaunga’s turn to host the combined rally and we picked a new site for us at the Pohangina School Reserve.

When the school closed in the 1980s, the school building, swimming pool, tennis court etc were turn into a community reserve.The reserve can be booked for groups and this what we did. may be because of the venue there was a good turn out for this rally with 1 from Wellington, 7 from Wairarapa and 7 from Heretaunga, 15 in all.


Some of the vans on site – 5 Leisure Lines in a row.


The converted School Classroom.

As this was a short weekend some chose to arrive on the Thursday and make a lonng weekend of it. We were blessed with fine weather all weekend. This really is a great venue.

There were games organised for the Saturday afternoon but most were just happy sitting in the shade chatting or visiting the local cafe for Devonshire Teas, anyhow the games were given a miss. I wish to thank Victoria & Albert for carting the games all the way to the Hawkes Bay and back again and nobody played with them. Oh never mind.

For Saturday night everyone was asked to bring 60cents each, and by using specially marked dice, proceeded to releave all but one of all their money. as could be expected this created a lot of banter.

Another very enjoyable rally. See you at our next rally at Mt Lees Reserve on 17 – 19 March 2017

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Manchester Street School, Feilding, 3–6 February 2017

This was a combined rally hosted by Wellington Caravan club. Heretaunga had 5 vans in attendance.

This was a changed venue to the one advertised. Originally the rally was to be held at the Sanson School but due to an administrative muck up the hall, which is a community facility, was not available so a change to Manchester Street School was arranged.


A View of some of the Vans present

Just because we could some of us met at the free parking area at Timona Park. some arriving in time for lunch.


Whiling away the time with a good old chin wag.

Friday was a mix and mingle and supper. Those who got to the camp in time could wander into town to visit the farmers market.

Saturday was a day to look over the town visit a craft market and generally take care of your self. In the evening we play a few games, had a lot of laughs and generally enjoyed ourselves as we always do.

This was a small rally with 3 from Wellington, 5 from Heretaunga and 3 from Wairarapa, but even with the lower numbers it was a well run rally and very enjoyable.

See you at our next Rally

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Kahutara School, Martinborough, 20–22 January 2017

We had 7 vans plus one visiting van from Wairarapa for this weekend.  It was nice to have John & Debbie and and the grandchildren with us even if it was only for one night. We have rallied here three times now and of those three only one was good weather and this was not it.

We were reminded that we live almost in the roaring forties as we had horizontal wind on the Saturday and horizontal rain on the Sunday. Just as well it was Anniversary Weekend and school holidays as Friday and Monday were very good days in comparison to the other two days.


Some of the vans in attendance; note it was warm enough to sit in the sun at least once.

We were very fortunate to have the hall available for us to use, and the rally families made full use of it. We were busy all weekend which took our minds off the weather.

Friday night was mix and mingle.

On the Saturday afternoon the rally family kept us busy with a variety of games. Who would have thought that putting a golf ball over a metal plate or putting a tennis ball through a series of hoops (like “Bobs” for those that know) would be so difficult.


Games in progress.

Saturday night we played card housie, a game we recently learned from the Wairarapa Club.

Our Life Members Peter and Elaine joined us for most of Saturday and also took part in the games. It was good to see you both again. You are both looking very well.

Sunday night we had a quiz identifying the various cockney rhyming slang sayings and unless you had a recent English background or grew up with the sayings this was very difficult. Some of us did very poorly at this. Another quiz that no one got totally correct was to identify two towns that each of the State Highways passed through, (all 10 of them?).This was difficult due to some the highways were in the South Island and are not roads we travel over very regularly.  All entertaining stuff.


Morning Tea out of the weather

Thanks to the Rally Families,Geoff & Eileen and Victoria & Albert (Dennis & Glynis – you had to be there to know).


The start of the vans parking on the hard prior to departure

Most of the vans queued up off the wet grass prior to departure as all wished to get off while there was help should it have been necessary.

See you at the next rally which is the combined rally hosted by Wellington, which is being held on Waitangi Weekend at the changed venue of Manchester Street School, Feilding

Monday, 30 January 2017

Heretaunga’s Joint Rally At Pohangina School Reserve – 24-26 Feb 2017

The map co-ordinates for this rally are:
The address is: 953 Finnis Road, Pohangina. See map below.
2016-11-27 (1)
A bigger version of the map is available by clicking on the picture.
Directions from:

Ashhurst Domain

Ashhurst 4810
Head northwest on State Highway 3 toward Cambridge Ave/Manawatu Scenic Rte
230 m
Turn right onto Cambridge Ave/Manawatu Scenic Rte (signs for Feilding)

Go through 1 roundabout
800 m
Continue onto Cambridge Ave/Manawatu Scenic Rte

Continue to follow Manawatu Scenic Rte
10.0 km
Continue straight onto Pohangina Rd
4.2 km
Turn left onto Finnis Rd

  Destination is on the left
300 m

953 Finnis Road, Pohangina School Reserve

Pohangina 4884
Please Note that the School Reserve is on the Left